Ke Labs’ Unit Modeler® Platform includes open source or similar software supplied by third-parties, including, but not limited to, those set forth below (the “Third-Party Software Components”). Ke Labs is providing the Third-Party Software Components to you by permission of the respective licensors and/or copyright holders on the terms provided by such parties, including those terms required to be provided to you that are set forth below. Ke Labs expressly disclaims any warranty or other assurance to you regarding the Third-Party Software Components. The following terms pertain only to the Third-Party Software Components identified below and not to the Unit Modeler® Platform.

Third-Party Software Component Notice / Terms
Hunspell open source spell checking library GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1
litePDF library for manipulation of PDF documents using the PoDoFo ( open source project GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3