Empowering Medical Informatics for over 25 years 

Real visual programming has only become a reality in the past few years, however still generally limited to DIY website and mobile app builder programs. With over 25 years of Informatics experience, I wanted to empower domain experts to easily create tailored apps without having to become a programmer – the Unit Modeler was born.  From this application builder platform we have brought self-service, or “DIY builder,” capabilities to data science - from easy DB query to Natural Language processing (NLP) to data analytics including for big data. Ke Labs has also built simulated learning tools for hands-on medical imaging training. The question now is not what can or can’t be done, but what will you or we empower next? 

Tom Feigenbaum, MS, Ke Labs CEO, Informaticist and Founder

Self-Service Data Analytics Builder

Do more hands-on with data. Save time. Reduce costs.

Quickly go from DB query to NLP to Analytics to Visualization.

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Domain Expert No-code Application Builder

Eliminate the need to wait for or learn programming.

Self-empower your data and area of domain expertise.

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Medical Imaging Simulated Learning

Hands-on echocardiography training cases online.

Easily create medical imaging cases. Reduce device costs.

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Domain experts will be (self-)empowered to do more, faster and better with tailored applications and their data.