The Unit Modeler ® Platform can benefit research of all kinds


Whether you are conducting retrospective research on historical data, generating new data, or looking to collaborate with others, we can help.

Obtain access to your data

We offer a variety of products that make querying databases a task anyone can perform. You should not have to work with a data scientist every time you need to get data. Our Query Builder tool is a point and click interface that you can use to query a database. It provides access to many of SQL’s basic features, but doesn’t require any knowledge of SQL.

Discover insight in your data

The Unit Modeler Platform includes a comprehensive set of data analytics tools from basic statistics to data mining. It allows you to import data from a wide variety of sources including CSV, Excel, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and web APIs. Once imported, you can leverage all of our easy-to-use tools. Understanding your research data has never been easier.

Analyze and present your data

The Information Center builds off of the Query Builder, allowing you to save commonly used queries and create comprehensive reports that harness the functionality of our built-in analytics. Both the reports and queries can be saved and shared with colleagues. You would never think that interacting with databases could be so easy.

Communicate and collaborate with others

Workspaces bring the power of cloud storage and web-based applications to you. Communicating and sharing files between colleagues is easier than ever with the ability to create custom workspaces to provide online hubs for your departments and employees. Workspaces are also the launching point for a large suite of pre-built applications and can be utilized to provide a convenient access point for your own custom applications and tools.

Create your own custom applications

By the nature of research, it is common to encounter a situation where an application that meets your needs doesn’t exist. You shouldn’t have to spend countless hours learning a programming language to build software that fits your needs. The Unit Modeler ISDE is built with this in mind. It allows you to build feature-rich applications leveraging a comprehensive set of tools that we have already developed. You won’t have to focus on the intricacies of programming, and you can instead devote your brain power to the task at hand.