Unit Modeler

Revolutionary approach to software development – no programming experience needed

Unit Modeler

The Unit Modeler ISDE is an innovative software development environment to empower individuals without programming backgrounds to create custom-fit tools for working with their information, and in a fraction of the time as compared to programming.

Domain Resource Center

This is a one-stop location for finding resources to aid users in developing models. This comprehensive resource center includes online help, articles, tutorials, examples database and hundreds of assists that automatically add steps to processes based upon user input.

Domain Packages

Our domain packages consist of pre-built models that are directly accessible from the development environment. These models can be loaded and run as is to support a wide range of initiatives, or be incorporated into new projects to support rapid development. Domain packages include data analytics (including an R interface), data generation and math.


Communication and collaboration are key components of any project or initiative. The power of our innovative Workspace feature extends far beyond that of a common file-sharing platform. Workspaces combine the power of cloud file storage with unique features to build and distribute applications among a community of users. Security and ease of use are integral to their functionality.

The Information Unit Model is a patented and powerful new computer language optimized for informatics and intelligent computing.

Rapid Development

Easier to learn, enables development in a fraction of the time, allows for the creation of more capable applications

Traditional programming code – VS – Unit Modeler ISDE “code”

Traditional programming code – VS – Unit Modeler ISDE “code”

No More Outsourcing

Companies can more easily justify leveraging in-house resources for development

Math hyperboloid

Math hyperboloid

Association Rules Model

Association Rules Model

Common Problems/Needs

A look at some common problems/needs that arise within information management

No programming background

Domain experts having ideas for applications, but not having a programming background to create them

Need rapid development capability

IT professionals and database administrators seeking more rapid front-end development capabilities

Fast changing requirements

Organizations seeking shorter development time frames to address their fast changing requirements

Need access to prototyping tools

Professional programmers seeking more rapid prototyping capabilities to move ideas forward

Researchers need insights faster

Researchers seeking more efficient ways to find insight into their data

Complex and time-consuming spreadsheets

Spreadsheet users with tasks that are becoming too time-consuming or complex

The Unit Modeler Solution

A look at how the Unit Modeler can address each problem/need

Programming background not required

Users without a programming background can create sophisticated software applications

All tools included for database front-end

Prepackaged with all the tools needed to create a front-end for your database

Fast iterations possible

Changes can be made right in front of stakeholders, thus reducing iteration cycles

Automated UI creation

Automatic GUI creation and easy modification capabilities make rapid prototyping a breeze

Powerful query and analysis tools included

Includes a comprehensive, built-in set of query and data analysis tools – no need to export data to other systems

The perfect tool to tame complexity

Ideally suited for working with information that has become too complicated for a spreadsheet