Information Center

An innovative toolkit for unlocking information and making it useful

An innovative toolkit for unlocking information and making it useful

Information Center helps business analysts and knowledge seekers to easily collect and analyze data from multiple sources, eliminating the need for manual processes and complex systems that are commonly error-prone and expensive to maintain.

'All-In-One' Toolkit

Integrated set of tools running on a single platform, including database connectivity, data query, natural language search, graphs, reports, dashboards, collaboration and administration

Simple & Intuitive

Ability to query databases by asking simple questions rather than writing SQL code, designed for everyone from power users to casual users.

'PHI Free' Support

Mechanism for support and maintenance without the requirement to access customers’ protected or sensitive data.


Creation of shared query and customizable report libraries along with “Workspaces” feature to power collaboration.

Automated Processing

Quickly and visually develop complex algorithms to facilitate data preparation and system migration.

Multiple Deployment Options

Cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both approaches are all supported.

Information Center Home
Information Center Home

Information Center is an integrated toolkit to access, analyze and report on information within data sources designed to turn discoveries into actionable knowledge.  Information Center is an integrated toolkit to access, analyze and report on information within data sources designed to turn discoveries into actionable knowledge.

It’s built around Ke Labs’ patented Information Unit Model, a powerful knowledge representation schema with unmatched versatility.
• Interact with any number of databases
• Merge data from any number of sources
• Create queries without having any knowledge of SQL
• Create a library of queries for shared use
• Perform analytics immediately on any query results without exporting data
• Create interactive reports that incorporate a wide range of data analytics
• Distribute reports via email and other methods
• Save your queries and reports in your own personal workspace and/or share them with colleagues

All tools utilize a point-and-click user interface for individuals at varying levels of technical competency. Self-service capabilities and overall self-sufficiency are intended outcomes. It expands to become more precise and powerful as users build and share new queries, analytic routines, interactive reports and dashboards.

Query Builder
Query Builder

Query Builder is a tool for creating powerful queries via an easy to use and highly visual user interface.

Understanding of SQL is not required. Point-and-click user interface f or fast results. Ability to customize count, constraint, order and sizing options.

Leverage Form Queries to automate tedious query tasks. They are focused but extremely fast and easy to use.  A library of Form Queries can be created and maintained covering every aspect of your activities and make them accessible to everybody who needs them.

Data Analyzer
Data Analyzer
The Data Analyzer represents a built-in set of tools for analyzing your query results or data imported from a spreadsheet.  It provides tools for cleaning, editing, analyzing and visualizing your data.  Data can then be exported to a spreadsheet or saved to a Workspace to share with colleagues.  The Data Analyzer can be accessed through the Information Center for query result data or through the Data Analytics toolbar for imported spreadsheet data in Microsoft Excel or CSV files.
Visual Analytics Workbench
Visual Analytics Workbench
The Analytics Workbench is a tool that provides all of the operations included in the Data Analyzer, but provide them in an environment where multiple steps can be defined on the data.  These steps can be saved an automatically performed such as from within a report.  The Workbench is extremely versatile and able to work with your data in nearly any conceivable manner.
Reports & Dashboards
Reports & Dashboards

Reports go beyond queries by applying pre-defined analytic steps to query results and presenting the results in printable presentation quality printouts.  Reports can be configured to run automatically and distribute themselves to anybody in your organization via email.

Reports are also interactive so you can change criteria to explore your database to gain the insights and understanding you need.

Graphs are an important tool in visualizing data.  Our Unit Modeler Technology has the ability to create a wide The Unit Modeler has the ability to create a wide variety of graphs including line plots, scatter plots, area plots, bar charts, pie charts, and color-coded scatter plots.  You can add annotations to your plots to create informative and stunning visual displays.

Collaboration Workspaces
Collaboration Workspaces
Communication and collaboration are key components of any project or initiative. The power of our innovative Workspace feature extends far beyond that of a common file-sharing platform. Workspaces combine the power of cloud file storage with unique features to build and distribute applications among a community of users. Security and ease of use are integral to their functionality. They represent a unique solution for a host of collaboration needs.

Are you in need of Information Center?

Does your institution have non-integrated systems with multiple overlapping databases, so your ability to access, query and analyze the collective data is burdensome and perhaps not even possible?

Are data preparation, query and analysis some of the most difficult and time-consuming challenges facing your organization?

Are you seeking database query, analysis and reporting tools designed for a broader range of resources with varying degrees of technical competency?

Are important decisions delayed due to the amount of time it takes to source, extract and analyze data?

Do you have personnel who are spending hours or even days every week or month updating spreadsheets, word processing documents or other documents to generate reports, and you know it should be much simpler?

Do you have a need for visualization of data in real-time?

Do you have real concerns about how undetected errors in your spreadsheet documents could be affecting your organization? (By one estimate, 90% of all spreadsheet documents include errors!)

Does your institution have limited ability to access and utilize important data to find desired insights?

Information Center can meet your needs

Access data for patients with different exam types that are stored in separate databases

Access Sonographer volume reports necessary for accreditation requirements

Access exam data stored across multiple tables

Access data about exams completed by fellow, exam type or any other available variable

Access data showing patients likely to enter the ICU more than once

Access data showing the types of pathologies most likely to produce readmissions