Thanks for your interest in Echo Test and Teach

The following is a demonstration module to provide an overview of the Echo Test and Teach product.  NOTE:  This demonstration provides only a limited number of cases as compared to the full product.

Please follow these simple instructions to begin using Echo Test and Teach ... 

Download the Unit Modeler® Application Runner

The Application Runner is a limited version of our Unit Modeler® platform, which is used to run our applications like Echo Test and Teach

  • IMPORTANT: During registration time, enter ‘echodemo‘ (without the single quotes) as the Special Access Code
  • Once you’re logged in, you will see the Unit Modeler® Desktop (shown below) – double-click the “Echo Test and Teach Public Demo” icon
Unit Modeler Desktop for new users

If you don’t see the “Echo Test and Teach Public Demo” icon, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click “Data Analytics” icon
  2. Click the Account menu (top of the screen)
  3. Click “Enter special access code” and enter ‘echodemo‘ (without the quotes), as shown here:

Special Access Code

Finally, restart the program – click the Domain menu (top of the screen) and then click Restart session.

You will now see the public demo on your Unit Modeler Desktop

ETT Public Demo icon